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Choose the right tools to go with our paint and repair products, preparation, application and mixing tools for all your DIY needs. In this section you will also find some of our specialist products, Get Off Anti Vandal Paint will deter intruders while the Suregrip Handrail gives stability and reassurance. Last but not least, our fast acting Melt It de-icer will keep the areas around your house safe in the icy winter months.

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  1. Suregrip Handrail Grey

    Suregrip Handrail

    £33.50  (INCL. VAT)
    We all need a helping hand from time to time and this easy to fit handrail will keep people on their feet by providing that extra bit of grip and reassurance. Fit alongside steps and stairs or perhaps next to the front door where somebody needs a bit of stability when putting the key into the lock Learn More
  2. Grit Bin Kit

    Grit Bin Kit - Large Bin & Salt

    £100.00  (INCL. VAT)
    The most cost effective grit bin kit. a 170 litre grit bin and 100 kgs of rock salt Learn More
  3. Get Off Ultimate Anti Climb Paint

    Get Off Ultimate Anti Vandal Paint 2.5

    £23.50  (INCL. VAT)
    Give would-be intruders something to remember you by with this non-setting paint which provides a constantly greasy film to deter vandals and burglars. If it touches their skin or clothes it stays there.

      Coverage alt5m² per 5L

    Learn More
  4. Floor Paint Application Kit

    Floor Paint Application Kit

    £19.95  (INCL. VAT)
    5 piece paint brush and roller kit for use with all our paints and coatings, including floor paints. Learn More
  5. Spiked Roller

    Spiked Roller & Handle

    Starting at: £7.99  (INCL. VAT)

    To achieve the best possible finish with Level It, you need a spiked roller to help remove the air bubbles Learn More
  6. 9" Roller and paint tray with spare roller

    9" Roller & Tray with spare roller

    Starting at: £7.99  (INCL. VAT)

    Don't forget your roller and tray when you are painting. This 9" roller and tray set will get the job done quickly. Learn More
  7. Firmtread Tapes Edge Sealer

    Firmtread Tapes Edge Sealer

    £6.50  (INCL. VAT)
    This will seal the edge of your safety tape and anti slip treads to stop any water getting in. It is really an essential purchase to go with your safety tapes and treads as it will add to its life considerably Learn More
  8. Spouted Jug

    Spouted Jug

    £5.49  (INCL. VAT)
    When pouring Drive Fix Asphalt Crack Repair in a crack, we recommend you use this plastic jug for accuracy Learn More
  9. Anti Climb Paint Sign

    Anti Climb Paint Sign

    £5.99  (INCL. VAT)
    If you are using Anti Climb paint then you must display one of these signs in a prominent place Learn More
  10. Wire Brush

    Wire Brush

    £2.99  (INCL. VAT)
    A wire brush is invaluable for scraping out loose materials prior to treating a surface. Learn More

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