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From concrete floors to roof tiles, we have a sealer that will suit your needs. Transform your drive or patio with our Seal & Tint tinted concrete stain, Black It asphalt refurbisher or Block Paving Sealer. Stop leaking roofs and gutters with Roof Patch roof waterproofer and Sprayseal aerosol, even in the rain. We also have damp problems covered indoors, Damp Stop 3 in 1 damp treatment and Block It Stain blocking primer will seal internal walls permanently.

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  1. Dust Off Concrete Sealer

    Dust Off Concrete Sealer 5L

    £19.99  (INCL. VAT)
    Concrete dust is particularly unpleasant and you certainly don't want to breath it in. Here is a great way to overcome dusty problems with this quick, easy and effective sealer for concrete floors or brick, blockwork and plaster walls. Just brush it on with a soft brush and you're done

      Coverage alt30m² per 5L

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  2. Rapid Roof Repair Kit

    Rapid Roof Repair Kit

    £39.00  (INCL. VAT)
    Our Rapid Roof Repair Kit helps to keep leaks at bay in almost any type of roof, helping to prevent any serious damage from occurring! Learn More
  3. Garage floor sealed with Prime 'n' Seal

    Prime 'n' Seal 2.5L, CLEAR

    £32.99  (INCL. VAT)
    Take a sealer and primer into the garage? Not anymore. Prime 'n' Seal both primes and seals dusty old concrete floors prior to painting them, saving you time and money as well as giving you a great floor

      Coverage alt15m² per 2.5L

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  4. Seal n Tint Rustic Brick after

    Seal 'n' Tint Concrete Patio Stain

    £32.99  (INCL. VAT)
    Think concrete and you think of drab grey paths and drives right? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Concrete (and masonry and stone) can be stained and will look really amazing. So what are you waiting for? Brighten up your concrete easily and cost effectively with Seal 'n' Tint

      Coverage alt37m² per 5L

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  5. Roof Patch Rapid Roof Repairs

    Roof Patch Rapid Roof Waterproofer 5KG

    £32.99  (INCL. VAT)
    We may be called Floor Paint Express, but we've got roofs covered too. Fix small holes, splits and cracks in your roof quickly before any real damage is done with this tough blend of bitumen and rubber reinforced with fibre to keep leaks at bay. Roof Patch will cover most types of roofs including flat roofs

      Coverage alt5m² per 5KG

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  6. Damp Stop 3 in 1 Damp Treatment

    Damp Stop 3 in 1 Damp Treatment 5L

    £65.99  (INCL. VAT)
    Here are three products for the price of one; a paint, a damp proofer and an anti fungal treatment to stop mould - all in one tin

      Coverage alt8-10m² per 5L

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  7. Black It Asphalt Refurbisher

    Black It Asphalt Refurbisher 5L

    £34.99  (INCL. VAT)
    Several customers have told us that they didn't know it was possible to refurbish asphalt and tarmac. Well it is, and if you can wield a paint brush or roller you can do it with ease and you'll be amazed how refreshed tired tarmac can look when you apply this black dressing.

      Coverage alt5-10m² per 5L

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  8. Rain Defender waterproofer

    Rain Defender Water Repellent 5L

    £23.50  (INCL. VAT)
    Here is an easy, but effective, way to protect outside bricks from damage by rain or frost. Easy to paint on, it will reduce your heating bills by stopping cold rain from getting into your bricks, which causes you to turn up the heating a notch or two

      Coverage alt25m² per 5L

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  9. Block Seal Block Paving Sealer

    Block Seal Block Paving Sealer

    £44.50  (INCL. VAT)
    This sealer serves a dual purpose. It strengthens your block paving and makes it look smarter. Better yet, it will be easier to clean too. What more could you want?

      Coverage alt15m² per 5L

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  10. Block It Stain Blocking Primer

    Block It Stain Blocking Primer 1L

    Regular Price: £18.50  (EXCL. VAT)

    Special Price: £9.95  (INCL. VAT)

    For heavy stains from smoke damage, nicotine, water or rust use our shellac-based primer and sealer. Block It will also permanently block odours

      Coverage alt12m² per 1L

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