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Repairing and Painting Garage Floors 

Levelling uneven concrete floors

Garage floors can suffer from spalling or pitting which can ruin the appearance of your garage and also increase the risk of trips and falls. Level It, our self levelling floor screed, can be used to iron out these blemishes, allowing you to enjoy a smooth, level floor.


  • The garage floor must be clean and free from dust/dirt by giving everything a good sweep with a Stiff Broom
  • Remove and flaky paint and any grease and oil should be removed with Clean It Floor Degreaser

Priming (2 primers supplied with Level It):

  • Dampen the floor with cold water and leave for half an hour
  • Apply Primer 1 with a Soft Broom or brush and leave for 15-20 minutes
  • Apply Primer 2. This can be applied when Primer 1 is tacky or dry (there is likely to be some Primer 2 left over - we supply a generous amount in case surfaces are porous)


  • Empty the contents of the resin bottle into a bucket and gradually add the powder
  • Mix with a slow speed drill fitted with a mixing blade - you’ll know you’re finished when an even colour and creamy consistency is achieved
  • Pour the Level It onto the primed area and spread with a trowel
  • Remove any trapped air bubbles with a Spiked Roller



Repairing damaged concrete floors

Although Level It will iron out uneven floors, deep holes and other major  garage floor repairs should be repaired using Patch It our rapid drying repair or Epoxy Repair Mortar for granite hard repairs.


  • The garage floor must be clean before starting any repairs- use a Wire Brush to scrape out any debris
  • Use Clean It to get rid of any oil or grease (the floor can be damp but not wet)

Application Patch It:

  • Add water to the Patch It mixture slowly - we recommend 1kg of mixture to approx. 175-225ml of water - and mix with a spatula to reduce air bubbles
  • Pour it into the hole and level the mixture with a Steel Float
  • Edges of the repair can be feather edged for a smooth finish

Application Epoxy Repair Mortar:

  • Mix the powder and resin together with a trowel (or by gloved hand) until you have a smooth grey coloured mortar.
  • Place into the hole and level the mixture with a Steel Float
  • Edges of the repair can be feather edged for a smooth finish


Painting your garage floor

Once your floor is clean and the necessary repairs have been made, you can start thinking about painting it!

To provide a hard wearing, long lasting surface on your garage floor we recommend that you use an epoxy resin paint. Garacoat is our tough, long-lasting garage floor paint. It is easy to clean and resists grease, oil and many other substances that would ruin ordinary paint. You can also buy our Garacoat Garage Floor Kit which contains everything you need to paint a new concrete garage floor.


  • Ensure the surface is dry, clean and doesn’t have any loose or flaky parts on it
  • Oily surfaces can be cleaned with Clean It Floor Degreaser
  • Roughen any existing painted surfaces so that the paint adheres. 
  • New concrete needs to be left for at least six weeks and then the surface should be treated with Etch It to get rid of excess alkalinity
  • On sand and cement screeds Prime and Seal (an epoxy resin primer) should be used prior to painting


  • Empty the contents of the small resin tin into the large tin containing the hardener and mix thoroughly to achieve an even colour and consistency. Stir the floor paint well, but don't thin it. (Stir the paint well but don't thin it)
  • Apply with a medium pile sheepskin roller, working well into the surface of the concrete - do not exceed maximum coverage!
  • The second coat can be applied as soon as the first coat is dry (after approx.12-18 hours) and should be applied within 5 days

NOTE: We don't advise you to use Garacoat at temperatures lower than 10°C (air temperature of 15°C) as the paint will take longer to dry, may cure to a matt finish and will be more prone to scruffs and stains

Garacoat is available in the following colours:

Racing Green

Vanilla Cream

Brick Red

Ash Grey

True Blue