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Painting Wooden Floorboards



Preparing Your Floor

Our Floorboard Paint is so simple to apply. It is a polyurethane paint, which means that it is ideal for use in areas that are subject to heavy wear. Our Floorboard Paint also resists stains, meaning that they will wipe right off the surface! 

Before you begin, remove all furniture and anything else in contact with the floor

Make sure there are no protruding nails in the boards - if there are use a hammer and punch to knock them in

Sand off any rough bits and give the surface a good sweep and mop to remove any debris and dirt. Allow the floorboards to dry thoroughly.

Note: If your boards are really pitted or damaged you may want to put some wood filler into offending holes, splits and gashes. If you leave them, damaged areas will be glaringly visible after Floorboard Paint is applied.


Painting the floor

Apply the paint using a brush or mini-roller (the kind you get for painting behind radiators). We do not recommend that you use a normal sized roller as the paint will get in-between your floorboards (which could be a problem if you painting an upstairs room and the paint works its way down onto a ceiling)

Start in the corner of the room farthest from the door and simply roll or brush the paint onto the floorboards (following the grain of the wood.) Finish at the door to avoid painting yourself into the corner!

Leave the paint to dry for approximately 12 hours - a second coat can then be applied if necessary

Note: Depending on the condition of your floorboards, and the look you want to achieve, you may need two coats. If your floorboards are in good shape and you want a bit of the wood grain to show through, then one coat should be fine. However, if there are substantial blemishes then two coats are recommended.