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Level It Concrete Floor Leveller

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Level It Concrete Floor Leveller 20KG

If your concrete floor is worn or uneven then simply 'pour a new floor' with Level It, our amazing floor screed that smooths out the lumps and bumps. It's not only considerably cheaper than getting a new floor; it is a lot easier too

  Coverage alt3m² per 20kg at 3mm thick

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A worn concrete floor doesn't look good and is hard to keep clean. This is where Level It Concrete Floor Leveller comes into its own; it will iron out any surface holes leaving everything looking like new. You literally 'pour a floor'.

Most concrete floor levellers are latex based and are designed to have a protective covering, such as vinyl or wood over them. Level It is a different kind of floor screed as it is polymer and resin based making it incredibly strong. Consequently you can drive a vehicle over it, or store a heavy fridge freezer on it in your garage. Even if you drop a heavy object on Level It, it won't crack. Very few floor levellers can handle that kind of a pounding,

If you've got rough or tamped concrete, you'll love Level it because tamped concrete is impossible to keep clean, whereas Level It doesn't dust and you just sweep it clean with a soft broom. Oh, and it's anti-slip too.

We give you a couple of primers which allows the mixture to stick to the surface; these are simplicity itself to apply.

We recommend using a mixing blade fitted to an electric drill to mix Level It. We can supply this and it will come in handy for mixing many different products.

You will also need a spiked roller to remove any trapped air bubbles once it has been applied to the floor. We can supply this too - it is just like any normal roller except it has little plastic spikes that burst bubbles. You use it as you would a paint roller.

Level It is self-levelling on a level surface, see the product video to see how easy it really is to get a lovely level floor. We shot the video in one take and at the end the floor looks patchy. This is perfectly normal and will disappear in two to three days.

Level It doesn't need to be painted over, but can be if you wish, however, you should not use a solvent based paint, use instead an acrylic or epoxy resin paint such as Garacoat. Solvent based paints will react with Level It's resins which means the paint won't stick.

Coverage: 3m² per 20kg at 3mm thick, 1.8m² at 5mm thick, 0.9m² at 10mm thick.
Technical Specs
Delivery Time (Days) Standard
Primer Required Yes (supplied)
Usage - indoor / outdoor Indoor, not recommended for outdoor use
Usage - Properties A pourable resurfacing product that offers a tough, slip resistant finish for concrete. Suitable for overcoating if required.
Usage - Surfaces Worn, rough or damaged concrete floors, patios, drives
Max Operational Temp (deg C) 60
Coverage 3m² per 20kg at 3mm thick, 1.8m² at 5mm thick and 0.9m at 10mm thick
Application - Curing Time (hours) foot traffic after 6 hours and vehicles after 24 hours
Application - Pot Time (hours) 0.2 at 20°C
Max Application Temperature (deg C) 30
Min Application Temperature (deg C) 5
Preparation & Application
Prepare It
Ensure the concrete surface is clean and free from dust/dirt, by giving everything a good sweep with a stiff broom. The surface can be damp, but not wet. If the surface is painted then remove any flaky paint. Any grease and oil should be removed with Clean It.

Prime It
We supply 2 primers with this product. Dampen the concrete to be treated with cold water and leave for half an hour. Apply Primer 1 with a soft brush and leave for 15-20 minutes (you can leave it overnight if you need to). Then apply Primer 2, which can be applied when Primer 1 is tacky or dry – it doesn’t matter. We supply a generous amount of the Primer 2 in case surfaces are porous and absorb more of the substance. If that isn’t the case then it is usual to have some Primer 2 left over. Don’t use too much of the primer or it may seep through the Level It Concrete Floor Leveller and if you are going to over paint then it may lead to a patchy finish.

Mix It
As soon as you’ve applied Primer 2 it is time to mix the product. Pour the contents of the resin bottle into the bucket and gradually add the powder and mix until even with a slow speed drill fitted with a mixing blade.
You’ll know you’re finished when an even colour and creamy consistency is achieved (normally not more than five minutes).

Apply It
Pour the floor leveller onto the area you’ve primed and spread with a trowel. To remove any air you’ll need a spiked roller, which we can supply – it really is that simple. Give the area 3 or 4 good rolls from different directions. Don’t use the spiked roller once the Level It has been on the floor for more than 20 minutes as the mixture will be starting to set.

Try not to tread primer or the mixture into surrounding areas as it will be difficult to remove.

After approximately 6 hours the surface will accept foot and light traffic and is fully set in a maximum of 36 hours at a depth of 5mm.

Please don’t apply Level It Concrete Floor Leveller at temperatures less than 5°C or more than 30°C.Temperatures above 25°C can make the product sticky and cause fine cracks to appear when set.

(Stick your tools in a bucket of water when you've finished with them to stop the mixture setting on them, so you can reuse them in the future).

Paint It?
Level It Concrete Floor Filler doesn’t need to be over painted, but it can be if you want to. Garacoat or Drive Grip are both suitable.

Quick Overview

If your concrete floor is worn or uneven then simply 'pour a new floor' with Level It, our amazing floor screed that smooths out the lumps and bumps. It's not only considerably cheaper than getting a new floor; it is a lot easier too

  Coverage alt3m² per 20kg at 3mm thick

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