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Seal dusty concrete floors

Here's an interesting fact: 50% of concrete floors are of poor quality. That means they will be dusty and continue to deteriorate. Stop the dust with Dust Off Concrete Sealer which will quickly harden and seal the floor.

Here are the three steps to a dust free concrete floor.

  1. Sweep the floor clean
  2. Pour Dust Off onto the floor
  3. Brush it all over with a soft broom

That's it, job done!

Dust Off Concrete Sealer


Dust Off Cncrete Sealer comes in a 5L container. Each 5L covers approximately 30m²


Brighten up bare concrete floors

If you want your floor to look more attractive, try our Easicoat Concrete Floor Paint.

Easicoat is water based so it is easy to apply with no smell, which makes it ideal for enclosed areas such as basements, cellars or laundry rooms.

It’s quick drying too and the area can be put back into use after only sixteen hours when applied at normal temperatures (no lower than 10°C), making this an ideal weekend project.


Easicoat Concrete Floor Paint

Easicoat comes in a 5L tin. Each 5L tin covers 40m²

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