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Jobs for the month - August


August is the perfect month to repair and smarten up your drive. The weather should stay fine for a while yet and filling holes and cracks now will prevent frost damage which can lead to potholes later on....

Drive Fix Asphalt Crack Filler:

  • Stops water pooling in cracks whch can cause potholes when temperatures drop
  • Really simple to use
  • Can be poured into fine cracks or trowelled into larger gaps
  • A rubberised bitumen mixture
  • .

Drive Fix


Drive Fix comes in 2.5L tins, each tin covers 100m at 5mm wide


If your drive is in good condition and you just want to give it a quick makeover, try our anti slip drive paint ...

Drive Grip:

  • Great slip resistance from fine grit particles
  • Advanced acrylic formula
  • A flexible paint which will resist cracking
  • One coat is all you need
  • Smart matt finish
Drive Grip


Drive Grip comes in a 5L tin, each tin covers 20m² 

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