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How to Pattern Stain a Patio

"My concrete patio looks dull and boring but I have no idea how to brighten it up"

Think your concrete patio is looking  drab and dull? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way- you can easily stain your concrete to make it look amazing! So what are you waiting for? Brighten up your patio easily and cost effectively with Seal 'n' Tint


Your concrete must be clean, dry and free from moss, algae and grease. You can remove effectively dirt using a pressure washer 

To remove moss and algae: sweep your patio well with a stiff broom. You may need a fungicide for a heavy infestation on a large area!

For grease from cars, barbecues and most other sources: Our Clean It is a very effective degreaser. You simply brush in undiluted Clean It degreaser using a stiff broom and leave this to penetrate for 5-10 minutes. Then, scrub with a stiff brush or similar and rinse with clean water. Watch the grease and oil float away. 

Note: The only major headache is if you've got a sealer on your concrete (though most domestic concrete isn't sealed), which you will need to remove. This can be removed using a chemical stripper which are sold in hardware and speciality paint stores. 



To create a look similar to that in the photo above, we recommend you use all three of our Seal 'n' Tint shades (Charcoal, Natural Stone and Rustic Brick)

Our Seal 'n' Tint goes on like a wash so it is very easy to apply. It can be sprayed on using a plastic spray bottle or can be painted and rolled on. It can even be applied using a rag!

To create this stained pattern effect you simply apply the various colours to different bricks. You can also apply a mix of colours to some of the bricks. The best thing about this pattern staining is that you can personalise your patio and be adventurous with your colour mixing and layout!

If you notice that the Seal 'n' Tint is looking a little faded or patchy you can add a second coat after 12 hours. To create a darker hue just add more coats as this will darken down the colour.

Note: Don't overload your roller, rag or brush as this can lead to dripping and you will end up adding loads of coats to cover where the last one dripped!


Our Seal 'n' Tint Concrete Patio Stain is available in the following colours:







Natural Stone





   Rustic Brick