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How to paint Christmas Decorations with Chalky Furniture Paint

♫ Two Turtle Doves ♫

You can make your own decorations for Christmas or craft fairs with our Chalky Furniture Paint and a couple of free hours, 


   Christmas decorations    Christmas decorations       Christmas decorations   

Our Chalky Furniture Paint is a no-prime, smooth touch, flat matt finish paint to bring a new lease of life to tired, worn out furniture. It is ideal for updating furniture without the hassle of sanding or priming before application. The paint leaves a lovely flat matt finish, which can be sanded down to show the surface underneath, giving a distressed finish if desired. The beauty of this paint is that it can be used directly onto most surfaces – you don’t need to prime, sand or prepare it in any way. 

Why not try something different and paint some decorations to match your Christmas theme? 



This turtle dove was made by first painting the wooden dove blank with the Chalk White colour and allowing it to dry, half an hour will be enough as the paint dries quickly.

Apply a second colour over the top, we used Fire Brick for this Christmas decoration but any dark colour will be fine. Before the second colour has dried, a cocktail stick was used to mark a zig zag pattern, this allows the first colour to show through slightly.

After the second coat has dried completely, a cotton wool bud was used to make the dots and dashes, we used the same Chalk White from the first coat but you can be as creative with colour as you like.

You can use a brush, a rag or anything to paint your decoration, so have a think and get creative!

  Christmas decorations   


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