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How to Paint a Stair Runner

"I want to brighten up my hallway, but I don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on a new carpet that is just going to get dirty straight away"

Transforming your staircase has got a whole lot easier – and cheaper! Armed with some of our Floorboard Paint, a free weekend and a spark of imagination you can start work converting your staircase into something stunning.

If you’re lacking in creativity, check out our Pinterest page for some ideas to get those drab floorboards looking fresh and colourful. We have a wide selection of coloured wood paints suitable for floors, so any idea you have is achievable.

   Grey & white stair runner    Charcoal & white tiair runner       Charcoal & white chevron stair runner   


Our floorboard paint is polyurethane based, which means it’s an incredibly hardwearing floorboard paint; tough enough to cope with most domestic situations and everyday spillages – saving you having to repaint often and making it very easy to keep clean. If you happen to spill something on your newly painted staircase, then just wipe it off the surface, it’s that simple.

This makes our stair paint ideal for creating a painted stair runner. Why not give it ago? It brightens up your hallway and is considerably cheaper than a new carpet. Below are some simple steps to get you started.


First start by removing your old carpet, or any existing flooring that you may have on your staircase. You will then be ready to sand off any rough areas and give your stairs a thorough clean with a damp cloth. It is important at this stage to treat any steps that are pitted or damaged, and where necessary repair with wood filler.

Now you are ready to measure and mark out your stair runner very lightly with a pencil, then add two lines of decorator's masking tape, on the bannister side of the pencil line. Ensure that the tape is smooth and straight for the perfect finish! 

To add a stripe on either side of your runner, simply add another line of tape that runs parallel to the first, leaving a gap the size that you wish the stripe to be – we recommend 1-2 cm. That’s the preparation done. Remember to give your floorboard paint a good stir before you continue to the application stage.


Now the fun begins – you are ready to begin painting your staircase. Begin to paint the stair runner within the lines of the masking tape in the colour stair paint of your choice – make sure you keep within the lines to give the best possible finish. We recommend that you start at the top of the staircase and work your way down. This way you can avoid using the staircase whilst the paint dry’s, and make yourself a cup of tea once you’ve finished as a reward for your efforts.

Depending on the condition of your stairs, you may need to apply two coats. Make sure the stair paint is completely dry (approximately 24 hours) before using the stairs. If you do need to use the stairs during the painting process, make sure to walk carefully outside the painted area to avoid unwanted footprints in the staircase. Do not remove the tape until the wood floor paint is completely dry as this could lead to a smudged finish.

Top Tip: This floorboard paint can be applied with a brush, but to save time try using a medium pile mini-roller (the kind used for painting behind radiators.)


Check out and download our infographic "HOW TO PAINT A STAIR RUNNER"



How to paint a stair runner 


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