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Garage Floor Paint
  • Garacoat
    A durable, long—lasting high quality paint for concrete floors, available in 2.5L & 5L tins
  • Floor Painting Kit
    Floor Painting Kit
    Paint Brushs, 9" Roller & Tray, handle and a spare roller
Concrete Floor Repair
  • Patch It
    Patch It
    Fill in holes with this repair patch that you pour in and leave to set.
  • Float
    A handy float to help smooth out Patch It, Level It and Epoxy Repair Mortar.
  • Trowel
    This trowel is recommended for use with our repair products
  • Wire Brush Scraper
    Wire Brush Scraper
    Invaluable for scraping out loose materials prior to treating a surface.
Concrete Floor Preparation
  • Clean It degreaser
    Clean It
    A quick working degreaser for removing oil and grease from surfaces
  • Etch It
    Etch It
    Provides concrete with a key so that paint adheres for longer
Concrete Sealer
  • Dust Off concrete sealer
    Dust Off
    Binds the surface of concrete to stop it from dusting
  • Prime and Seal
    Prime 'n' Seal
    Primes and seals dusty old concrete. Can be used alone or overcoated with Garacoat.
Why Garacoat?
Garacoat is a high performance product which requires high quality preparation, it will stick to whatever surface it is applied, with a few exceptions including oil and grease. For this reason preparation is very important and all contaminants must be removed prior to painting as a high performance coating will soon show up defects that are often unfairly blamed on the coating itself.

If the original floor is showing signs of weakness or the surface has started to break up, it's going to need to be repaired before you paint it. The coating can only be as strong as the floor and lower performance coatings are weak and will wear quickly.

In some cases you will need to roughen the surface prior to painting using Etch It, this provides a key for the Garacoat to bond to.

Which Floorpaint Express product should I use on damaged floors and for filling holes?
Epoxy Repair Mortar is ideal for making good any holes, cracks, joints, or worn patches in concrete or stone floors. 

Sweep out any dirt and loose material and trowel in Epoxy Repair Mortar. Smooth off with a trowel. It can be feather edged so you don't need to cut out around the damaged area. Epoxy Repair Mortar can be used for thin section repairs where cement based mortars would fail.

Patch It is a quick setting pourable repair material that can be used to fill holes up to 100mm deep. Deciding between this and Epoxy Repair Mortar is as simple as deciding whether you want to pour or trowel.

Which Floorpaint Express product should I use for repairing cracks?
Fine cracks may not be obvious in bare concrete until it is painted. Cracks wider than 3mm or 4mm can be filled with Epoxy Repair Mortar.

Which Floorpaint Express product should I use for resurfacing rough floors?
If the concrete has worn, exposing the stones, use Level It. It is an economical and quick way of providing a new, smooth non-dusting surface which will take heavy wear.

Oily floor?
You should remove oil and grease using Clean It Floor Degreaser; just pour it on and scrub it in.

When and why should I use a sealer?
A sealer will harden concrete, stopping it from dusting. Dust Off or Prime 'n' Seal can be used as stand alone concrete sealers, Prime 'n' Seal being a harder wearing 2 part epoxy product . If you are planning to paint your concrete floor then use Prime & Seal as a sealer and then overcoated with our epoxy resin coating, Garacoat. This combination will give you an extremely hard wearing finish.