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Easicoat Floor Paint Grey

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  • Easicoat Floor Paint Grey
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Brick Red True Blue

Easicoat Concrete Floor Paint

A flexible, UV resistant, single pack urethane acrylic floor paint, which is ideal for concrete utility rooms, basements, conservatories, cellars or laundry areas. The easy way to paint concrete floors

  Coverage alt40m² per 5L

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If you want to paint a concrete drive or indoor area easily and quickly then Easicoat Floor Paint is the one to choose. It uses urethane modified acrylic technology which means that it is tough, much tougher than conventional floorpaint. As it is water based, Easicoat is easy to apply with no smell, which makes it ideal for enclosed areas such as basements or laundry rooms.

It’s quick drying too and the area can be put back into use after only sixteen hours when applied at normal temperatures (no lower than 10°C), making this an ideal weekend project.

If you are reapplying Easicoat to a good quality surface, you may find one coat suffices, although most people use two coats to get a good, even colour, especially on porous surfaces.

Don’t worry if your concrete hasn’t been painted before as Easicoat will stick no problem. Equally, if your floor is already painted then as long as the paint is still adhering to the surface you’ll only need to remove any oil or grease (we recommend Floorpaint Express Clean It) and give it a quick sanding, a wash and leave to dry. If you are painting Easicoat outdoors then you will be pleased to know that it is resistant to ultra violet light (and most floor paints aren’t), so it won’t fade quickly. It is also very flexible, so won’t easily crack. Another area where Easicoat comes into its own is on balconies, as it has strong resistance to sunlight and the weather, which most other floor paints don't have.

Easicoat versus Garacoat
We don’t tend to recommend Easicoat for garages (where the floor is being used to park cars, as opposed to one that has been turned into a utility or playroom, which is fine). The reason for this is that vehicles cause a lot of wear on a surface (and car tyres get surprisingly hot) and you need a two-pack epoxy resin, such as Garacoat Garage Floor Paint, which will resist hot tyres. A one-pack paint may peel over time if you park your car on it every day even though may be ok for a short while (and we pride ourselves on only selling products that have a long life when applied correctly). So, for surfaces where you need the extra protection that only a two-pack epoxy resin can offer, then choose Garacoat, otherwise Easicoat will cope with most other eventualities.

The other benefit of Easicoat is that you can paint as little as you like (ideal for a small area such as a laundry room) and simply replace the tin lid. With a two-pack epoxy resin you will need to use all the paint you have mixed together.

Winter painting
A question we are often asked is, should I paint a concrete floor in the winter? As people who make floor paints, you might expect a resounding 'yes' from us. However, whilst you can certainly carry out this kind of task in cold weather, you will need to be aware of the following:
  • We don’t advise you to paint floors at temperatures lower than 10°C, which mean the air temperature needs to be 15°C. To check, lay a thermometer on the floor
  • To raise the temperature you will need an electric blower, which you can get from your local hire shop. The golden rule is, heat the floor not the air, but by heating the air you will automatically heat the floor
  • If you can’t do this, then we recommend you leave the project until the spring

  • If you do paint at less than 10°C then the paint will still go down, but will take longer to dry and will be more prone to scruffs and stains. In the cold or damp, it will dry to a matt finish, which you may not want. There is no reason not to buy your paint now though, as its shelf life is 12 months providing you don’t let it freeze.

    Coverage: Each 5 litres (1 gallon) tin covers approx. 40m²
    Technical Specs
    Delivery Time (Days) 01-Mar
    Usage - indoor / outdoor Indoor and outdoor
    Usage - Suitable for basements, conservatories, utility rooms, balconies
    Usage - Properties easy to apply, hard wearing concrete floor paint that is easy to keep clean
    Usage - Surfaces concrete floors
    Coverage 40m² per 5 litres
    Application - Curing Time (hours) 16
    Application - Recommended Coats 2
    Max Application Temperature (deg C) 60°C
    Min Application Temperature (deg C) 10°C
    Preparation & Application
    Make sure that the floor you will be painting is clean and dry, It will also need to be more than 4 weeks old. If you have oil or grease spills on the surface that remove them easily with Floorpaint Express's degreaser Clean It

    Get rid of any laitance (a dusty substance) with our effective etcher Etch It, The surface needs to be porous to absorb the paint, so please don't use on sealed concrete floors. To test if your floor is porous, simply pour a little water on it, which will be absorbed if the surface is porous. If it just sits on the surface then your floor is sealed, so it’s not worth using our Etch It, but it is worth trying a small sample patch of Easicoat to make sure it sticks.

    On sand and cement screeds a primer should be used, Prime and Seal is an epoxy resin primer which will give your floor the perfect base for painting.

    If the floor has already been painted then you should sand off any existing coatings, unless they are very well bonded and then lightly scarified before coating.


    The floor temperature needs to be above 10°C and the conditions should be dry and between 15°C-35°C.

    Give the paint a good stir. We recommend you apply two coats with a quality short pile roller. You can apply the second coat after 6 hours under normal conditions. You can start using the area after 16 hours and drive a vehicle over it in a week, but take care for 3 or 4 days if driving a vehicle over it.

    Remember, the lower the temperature, or if ventilation is poor, the longer the drying time.

    We have made every effort to display the colours of the products as accurately as electronic media will allow. However, if colour is imperative to the finished job please contact us for a free sample to trial on the actual surface.


    Quick Overview

    A flexible, UV resistant, single pack urethane acrylic floor paint, which is ideal for concrete utility rooms, basements, conservatories, cellars or laundry areas. The easy way to paint concrete floors

      Coverage alt40m² per 5L

    Only £19.99 for Brick Red & True Blue, discount will show in basket

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