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Drive Top

Transform your drive with our thick, flexible coating

  Coverage alt8m² per 25Kg at 2mm thick


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Drive Top is a quick and easy way to resurface tired old driveways. It is flexible and allows for some movement and can be applied to concrete or asphalt.

Aim to apply the coating at about 2mm thick. If your drive is a bit rough you can apply more 2mm thick layers, allowing each one to dry first. Avoid applying it too thickly in one go.

You can apply with a trowel for a fairly smooth or textured finish, or you can lightly drag a soft broom across a freshly laid area to achieve an anti slip finish.

Drying Time
Walking or carefully driving over: 15-20 hours at 15-30°C
Allow 2 days before parking on the drive: 2 days at 15-30°C
Overcoating: If you do want to apply another coat allow 15 hours at 15-30°C
Lower temperatures will extend the curing time

Coverage approx. 8m² per 25kg container at 2mm thick, 15m² per 25kg at 1mm thick.

Technical Specs
Usage - indoor / outdoor outdoor
Usage - Suitable for drives and paths
Usage - Properties flexible, easy to apply
Usage - Surfaces concrete or asphalt
Coverage 15m² per 25kg at 2mm thick.
Application - Drying time (hours) Walkable: 15-20 hours at 15-30°C, driving: 2 days at 15-30°C, overcoatable: 15 hours at 15-30°C
Application - Recommended Coats 1
Preparation & Application
Prepare it
Drive Top can be applied to concrete or asphalt. Ensure surfaces are clean and free of loose material by brushing with a stiff broom and clean water. Allow to become dry, or almost dry, before applying the Concrete Resurfacer. If the surface has been previously painted, remove as much paint as possible by mechanical means. Any remaining paint should be well bonded

If your concrete drive has got some nasty holes in it, our Epoxy Repair Mortar is ideal. You can use this for small holes or broken edges where sand and cement would just fall out.

If your drive has been painted in the past, remove any flaking or loose material. Dry, well bonded paint can be lightly abraded to provide a key. If the area has any grease or oil deposits, these can be cleaned with Floorpaint Express Clean It.

Mix it
Stir the contents well with a wide bladed mixing tool to ensure that the product has not settled in transit.

Apply it
Apply only in dry, ambient conditions (above 10°C and below 35°C). Do not apply in cold, damp conditions or when rain is forecast. In warmer conditions 25°C-35°C dry, hot surfaces should be slightly dampened first. This product should be applied in two coats. The first coat acts as a base coat , the second coat will provide the finished appearance. Do not apply too thickly as this can lead to the product not drying effectively. Apply two coats by roller, leaving 16 hours between coats. Do not apply the product in layers thicker than 2mm. Never add water to the product.

Cleaning Tools
Wash tools with water before the product dries. Otherwise, soak in white spirit for 24 hours

We have made every effort to display the colours of the products as accurately as electronic media will allow. However, if colour is imperative to the finished job please contact us for a free sample to trial on the actual surface.

Quick Overview

Transform your drive with our thick, flexible coating

  Coverage alt8m² per 25Kg at 2mm thick

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