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Decor Grip Decorative Anti Slip Surface

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Stone Grey

Decor Grip Anti Slip Surface

An attractive, hard wearing anti slip coating that makes drives, ramps, walkways, balconies and other surfaces safe and look great. Easy and quick to apply

  Coverage alt5m² per unit


5m² from £109.50  (INCL. VAT)
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This is one of those products that was originally developed for industry but is really coming into its own in the home environment. As an industrial product it was functional but rather dull. For use in the home we have kept the anti slip functionality but improved it in the looks department to give it the 'wow' factor for anyone that sees it.

Decor Grip Decorative Anti Slip Surface comes in three parts - an epoxy resin, a hardener and attractive stone chips to give a textured finish.

Apply it to stone, wood, metal, concrete and asphalt. The only thing we don’t recommend it for is steps as the step edge can lose the grit from constant wear. When applying Decor Grip to steps the resin can drip from the step edge when weight is applied and the stone chips won't be evenly distributed.

To apply, mix the resin and the hardener together, apply them to the surface and then scatter on the stone chips evenly. It really is as simple as that and you only need one coat.

Case Study
Let us give you a real life example of how you could use Decor Grip. A customer got in touch with us because his patio was looking the worse for wear. He had thought about putting new slabs over the top of the existing patio, but this extra height would have raised it over the damp course, so that was no good. He was worried he was going to have to get a new patio which would be expensive and, if he built it himself, time consuming and back breaking. The patio was not going to suffer with constant movement of chair legs so we recommended he put Decor Grip over his existing patio, which wouldn't conflict with the damp course and would also look great, Guess what? One happy customer!

One kit should cover approximately 5m² (53 sq ft) when applied to a reasonably smooth surface. Decor Grip is fully set in about 10 hours at normal temperatures.
Technical Specs
Delivery Time (Days) standard
Primer Required No
Usage - indoor / outdoor outdoor
Usage - Suitable for Concrete (that is at least a month old), stone, metal, asphalt and wood
Usage - Properties Anti slip surface with an attractive finish applied as one coat
Usage - Surfaces Drives, walkways, paths, ramps
Max Operational Temp (deg C) 60
Coverage 5
Application - Pot Time (hours) 20 minutes
Application - Recommended Coats 1
Min Application Temperature (deg C) 10
Application - Curing Time Maximum (hours) 24
Preparation & Application
Prepare It
Can be applied to concrete, stone, metal, asphalt and wood. However, new concrete should be at least a month old and new asphalt at least 3 months old.
Ensure the surface is clean and dry and remove loose material with a wire brush and sweep (or vacuum) away. Any grease or oil deposits can be removed with Clean It Floor Degreaser. Cracks and holes in concrete should be repaired with a concrete repair product such as Epoxy Repair Mortar.

You can apply over existing painted surfaces provided the paint isn’t flaking off. If so, sand it off as well as sanding any glossy surfaces to provide a key for the Decor Grip.

Decor Grip Decorative Anti Slip Surface should not be used on aluminium, stainless steel or any profiled metal surfaces.
If applied to wood it should be sanded first, and untreated timber should have the underside and edges sealed with varnish.

Asphalt needs to be hosed with water and left to dry. Bitumen build ups should be removed mechanically.
Use masking tape to mark off the area being treated to ensure neat lines.

Mix It
The hardener and epoxy resin come in twin packs. Simply align the side seams and separate by pulling apart.

Empty the contents of the smaller tin into the larger one, making sure all the contents are removed and mix thoroughly together for about 3 minutes with a wide bladed tool, such as a spatula. Use the mixture immediately, as if left in the tin it will become hot and unusable. The usable working life of the product is 20 minutes at 20°C (less at higher temperatures).

Do not mix in the stone chips to the mixture.

Stone chips
As soon as you have applied the mixed resin and hardener, distribute the stone chips as evenly as possible onto the wet surface by sprinkling it on by hand. A broom can be used to distribute the loose chips onto bare patches. Make sure the grit is firmly bedded into the wet resin.

Where the chips have been applied too thinly (or the mixture too thickly) the mixture may seep through. Don’t worry, simply apply more chips to these areas.

Once the coating has fully set you can sweep away any excess chips.

Quick Overview

An attractive, hard wearing anti slip coating that makes drives, ramps, walkways, balconies and other surfaces safe and look great. Easy and quick to apply

  Coverage alt5m² per unit

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