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Cleaning, Restoring and Slip-Proofing Decking


Clean it

Every deck should have an annual cleaning. Although, it is really worth considering cleaning your deck twice a year, once in spring in preparation for the summer months, and once in autumn to prepare the decking for the winter ahead.

Assuming your decking has been regularly maintained, Timber Clean should be all that is required. This will remove moss, mould, algae and general grease and dirt, making your decking look cleaner and brighter. Once the cleaner has been applied, most still require a stiff-bristle brush to work the mixture into the wood. Firmtread Deck Coat

Here’s how to clean your decking step by step:

  • Using a stiff brush, remove any loose dirt or debris from the decking. Areas of large moss or algae growth can also be scraped off at this stage.
  • Prepare Timber Clean and then apply it to the decking using a watering can.
  • Brush the cleaner into the surface immediately after it has been applied with a stiff brush and leave to stand.
  • Rinse off thoroughly with clean water using a hose, ensuring all residues have been washed away.

Be very careful when working with Timber Clean, especially in its concentrated form. Always wear eye protection and impenetrable gloves when working with concentrated chemicals. 


Make it anti slip

Worries about the safety of wet decking are commonplace. Fortunately there are several ways you can prevent your deck from becoming too hazardous. One option, that will not dramatically change the look of your decking, is to apply an anti slip coating. Firmtread Anti Slip Deck Coating has an abrasive element that makes the surface less slippery in the rain. 

Like any decking product, it’s essential, before applying Firmtread Anti Slip Deck Coating to make sure your deck is completely clean and dry. Also, as with any chemical product, be very careful, make sure you wear suitable eye protection and impenetrable gloves. Before you begin, check the weather. If rain is forecast, do not apply the coating. Also, do not apply in direct sunlight. Apply the coating with a brush or short pile roller. Be careful to avoid a build-up in the grooves and don’t apply the product too thickly. A second coat is recommended for good coverage.


Try one of our Anti Slip Decking Kits which contain everything you need to clean your decking and make it safe. 

For a more robust anti slip solution try using Firmtread Anti Slip Decking Strips. These strips are made from glass reinforced plastic, with a hard wearing coarse grit surface. Decking strips will not only provide an extremely effective anti slip solution, but they’re long lasting too. The strips will need to be cut to size, and installed using screws to secure them to the deck. Firmtread Anti Slip Decking Strips are simple to install, keeping downtime to a minimum. 

If you don’t like the idea of installing Firmtread Anti Slip Decking Strips all over your deck, a possible solution to consider would be to introduce strips to your deck in key areas, like steps, but not throughout. With a little planning, this approach can improve the safety of your deck as well as adding an appealing design element.

Check out and download our infographic "CLEANING, RESTORING AND SLIP-PROOFING DECKING"

cleaning, restoring and slip-proofing decking