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Blocking Out Wall Stains

Decorating is time consuming and hard work at the best of times, but tough stains from nicotine, grease, water rust or felt tip can sometimes seem impossible to hide! Our Block It stain blocking primer will cover stubborn stains and  permanently block out odours.


All surfaces should be clean, dry and free from dust, oil, grease and adhesives. Any cracks should filled using polyfilla or plaster filler.

If the surface has rust then it should be sanded and red oxide primer applied. Bare metals should be treated in the same way.

Exposed wood should be lightly sanded to remove any mould or similar


Block It Stain Blocking Primer may be used as an undercoat for most common types of paint: water, oil or solvent based. 

The primer can be applied with a paintbrush or roller at temperatures above 5°C and in areas where there is good ventilation

Stir the product well, do not thin and do not let paint drip or run!

One coat is normally sufficient, although a second coat is sometimes needed on porous surfaces and this can be applied 45 minutes after the first coat.

WARNING: Block It Primer might not be suitable for use under some polyurethanes, epoxies and certain highly alkaline special effect coatings such as flock type coatings and some highly solvent lacquers.

Painting Over Block It 

In heavy smoking areas or areas where childen are likely to use your walls as a piece of paper we recommend you choose to overcoat Block It with a durable and washable paint. There are many easy-to-use paints avaiable on the market that are completely washable and tough enough to withstand wear and tear.