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Floorpaint Express - for floors and more

More and more people are realising that some jobs, such as painting a garage floor or waterproofing a roof, are not the sole preserve of the professional painter or builder; the enthusiastic layperson can happily undertake this kind of project. In fact, as well as saving you money there is also a great sense of satisfaction involved with completing these straightforward tasks.

It is our aim to equip you with the products you need to do the job properly and cost effectively.

Our impressive heritage
Customers often ask us how our range of products came about; after all these aren’t the kind of items you will necessarily find in your local DIY store. We are part of the Watco Group, the country’s leading direct supplier of industrial flooring products since 1927. Watco develops and manufactures (in the UK) top quality repair and refurbishment products for industrial use. However, over the past few years they have found that more and more people are buying these products for domestic use, as the confident home improver tackles jobs that once were seen as the preserve of the professional. The most requested products have been adapted for the home and are the ones that we feature in our range. We look forward to your feedback to help us improve and increase our offering.

Made with you in mind
So why not simply offer Watco products for the home user?  Because there is a world of difference between industrial purchasers and domestic ones. The Watco range is designed to withstand extremes of temperature, dangerous chemical spills and the level of wear and tear that simply isn’t encountered in the home environment. When you’ve painted your concrete garage floor, the heaviest object you’ll drive over it is the family 4x4 that leaks a little oil, not a forklift truck loaded with hazardous substances!

The good news is that as we have developed this range of products specifically for the home without the chemical resistance needed by industry, we can offer them at the lowest possible prices. Floorpaint Express is all about repair, refurbishment and safety products designed exclusively for your home, with a price tag you can afford.

Jargon free
We aim to be jargon free. You don’t need to know the exact formulation of epoxy resin paint, for example, but you do need to know that it is hard wearing, long lasting and won’t easily fade in sunlight. We’ll tell you what you need to know, not what you don’t, via online descriptions and videos. Yes, the technical information is on hand in the form of downloadable technical fact sheets, but we suspect you would rather be getting the job done quickly than reading about it

We don't waste money on fancy packaging as that is always ultimately paid for by the consumer. Our packaging is safe and functional - we like the products to speak for themselves.

With you at every step
You will have realised by now that we are passionate about helping you to keep your home good looking and safe (both of which, incidentally, will help to increase or hold its value), but we also want you to know how easy it all is. Our videos are designed to do just that. The person in these videos is Rob, he is a real employee of the company and isn’t a professional decorator, just a competent enthusiast. You can see how easily completed most of these tasks are by following Rob’s lead.

Our three point promise to you

With the backing of the Watco Group we can not only meet your expectations, but actually exceed them by offering you :

  • Quality products designed with your home in mind
  • Speedy delivery
  • Unbeatable prices

Customers often ask us how we can deliver on all three counts, when so many other companies can’t.

It’s simple. We manufacture the products ourselves so not only do we cut out unnecessary middlemen, but we control the whole process from start to finish allowing us to give you the best prices on the best products.

Our range of products is well-defined – floor paints and related items for floors and more; nothing else. This is a deliberate policy that allows us to concentrate on what we do best to the benefit of you – our valued customer.

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